Thursday, November 24, 2011

HapPy ThaNksGiviNg

I hope your day is

Mine sure is ....

So many reasons to be Thankful ... Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A treasure of gold

found right in our own front yard.

It was such a treat to watch the children and Silver play in piles of dry leaves a few weeks ago. Usually when the Maples bless our yard with all of their yellow leaves it is pouring rain and they are not a whole lot of fun to play with.
Dry leaves = the greatest everyday treasure .. the sound of my children's laughter.

C is for Creative Caleb

A guitar he made for music class using recycled materials he found here at home.
 Caleb was recognized at his schools monthly assembly for demonstrating Octobers character trait .. CREATIVITY. He sure deserves it. He is always creating things - last week he discovered my glue gun while we worked on a diorama project for his class.A few days later he agreed to spend his allowance on glue for the gun if I would just "please, let him use one more stick".