Monday, October 17, 2011

How do you say THANKS?

Sometimes words seems so inadequate.

A few weeks ago I was surprised and so honored to recieve the most wonderful "treasures".
Someone that my sister works with had seen my art and wanted me to have a few special things that she had. When my sister delivered them I nearly cried. They are so beautiful.

I may have a hard time creating new treasures with them, they are treasures just as they are.

Thank you so very much, Karen. I will always treasure your generosity.

The beautiful quilt

The perfect amount of love and "wear"

The most amazing vintage book ... can you believe?  full of everything a woman would need to know.

A game called gossip ... this book just makes me giggle


This special book was even used as a leaf press .. found this "impression" on one of the pages

Eve's pudding .. don't you just love the name?

Even delicious illustrations

My thank you card

So may ways to say thank you ...

But my words and art are inadequate for expressing my sincere

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