Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I learned a LOT last month ...

I learned that it takes a LOT of work to be a vendor at one my favorite flea market shows.
My dear friend, Amy, and I had our first booth at Molly Mo's - what an experience. We were in "hurricane alley" - no, really - that's what the other vendors called it. It was SO windy. We had to bungee down our canopy and literally tie down our backdrop to the legs. We got everything set up and were ready to head home when "CRASH" - the canopy literally snapped. Both front legs broke.
I learned that other vendors are the kindest people.
Several of the other vendors ran over to help, some we had met and some we hadn't. They literally "held us up" while we untied our treasures and undid
the backdrop so that we could get the broken tent out of the way. Many thanks, a few hours, and a nice cold beer later we had a new canopy and a new, better look.
I learned that even though people love your art they may not buy it.
It was so fun to listen to everyone comment as they walked into our space and it was so fun to watch what people bought. Totally surprised me.
I learned that even though the first time was a lot of work I'm ready for another go at it. After all
the backdrop is made, we have inventory to start with and we're not the "virgin vendors" anymore.

... and by my beautiful children


I love the outdoor sink,
I think that may be Jim's next project

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