Friday, September 23, 2011

Cutting the Apron Strings

Why are cutting those apron strings so hard?

It's been three full weeks since Seanna and Caleb started First Grade and boy has it been rough.
First grade is a whole new ball game - longer days, more responsibility, more homework, etc.
Both of the kids had a really hard time for the first few weeks and my boy is still having a hard time in the mornings. 
Yet, again, this morning I pried him off of my leg and handed him to his teacher, breaks my heart.
The teacher assures me that he's fine within 5 minutes and does awesome all day - but it sure is hard.
It was so much nicer when they were little and all I had to worry about was keeping them safe in our house - at least then I knew what I was up against.

Silver loves to take the kids to school -
she is my "magic trick"
for getting them ready on time.

The End

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